Fw: academie: Winter's Dance Symposium

Amy Smyth-Wilson rowenrhys at starpower.net
Sun Aug 20 08:18:29 PDT 2000

I just don't want a site fee to discourage people from coming....Yes, the
site is a school and has large classrooms for all types of classes....and
yes, Sudentur would provide crash space...Here at my place we have 2 extra
bedrooms with full beds plus a futon in the living room...and dinner would
be a breeze as there is much located within 10 minutes of the site....So,
does that sound good to y'all?


BTW, I called the site and I  need to call back on Monday.

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> > Also, should it be free?  with a recommended donation?  BTW, Lunch will
> > sold on site to those who wish to partake.  Lots of baked goods will be
> > present I assume as Sudentur has some wicked bakers.
> Selling lunch would be a great thing. As for a site fee, even for a
> free site, it's a good idea to chrage $3, as you never know when the
> site may spring a cleaning fee on you, or if they will demand an
> insurance certificate at the last minute, or any of a number of things
> that cost money.
> As for the date, the 3rd weekend of December would be OK.
> Does the site have multiple classrooms? Can Sudentor provide crash
> space? What's the plan for dinner, local restaurants? Without crash
> space and dinner, people from from farther away won't stay for evening
> dancing. But you could always have the main dance in the afternoon.
> -- Gregory Blount

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