Fw: academie: Winter's Dance Symposium

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Aug 20 08:04:17 PDT 2000

> Also, should it be free?  with a recommended donation?  BTW, Lunch will be
> sold on site to those who wish to partake.  Lots of baked goods will be
> present I assume as Sudentur has some wicked bakers.

Selling lunch would be a great thing. As for a site fee, even for a
free site, it's a good idea to chrage $3, as you never know when the
site may spring a cleaning fee on you, or if they will demand an
insurance certificate at the last minute, or any of a number of things
that cost money.

As for the date, the 3rd weekend of December would be OK.

Does the site have multiple classrooms? Can Sudentor provide crash
space? What's the plan for dinner, local restaurants? Without crash
space and dinner, people from from farther away won't stay for evening
dancing. But you could always have the main dance in the afternoon.

-- Gregory Blount

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