academie: Dancing in Southern Atlantia

SCAVard at SCAVard at
Tue Aug 15 06:27:08 PDT 2000


That's a great idea.  And if you weren't already swamped with your Poeta Atlantiae duties, the Academie would gladly accept your offer to volunteer to coordinate this.  :)

Tell you what.  Since I've got about a bazillion Academie flyers laying around here, I'll see if I can get a list of MoAS/Seneschal home addresses and will make arrangements to send each one a copy.  I'll take this as an action.

We might also consider submitting something regularly to both the =Acorn= and the Kingdom Mailing List to let folks know (a) we're here, and (b) what we're up to.  I'll chat with the Chancelier when he returns from Pennsic to see how best to do this.  :)


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