academie: Dancing in Southern Atlantia

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Mon Aug 14 14:58:19 PDT 2000

May I make a suggestion,

Could we, possibly, send information about the Academie to all the MOAS officers
in the Kingdom? Maybe even the Seneschals...I found out, the interesting way, 
that there are huge parts of our Fair! Atlantia that do not think there is 
dancing in our Kingdom. 

Actually, the Dance guild of Meridies has made giant in-roads into Southern
Atlantia... (At last weeks event, I was asked if I'd like to learn dance from
the dance instructors that were brought in from Atlanta for the event. They
were nice folks, taught an interesting selection of dances. Gave away 
lots of cool gifts.. CDs and dance steps.. but, I digress..)

So, I jus thing a little more publicity may be in order..


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