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SCAVard at SCAVard at
Mon Aug 14 07:39:11 PDT 2000

The September =Acorn= is out, and if you look closely at the catalog for classes for the Fall University (10/14), you'll see that the Academie's three classes did indeed make it in:

101 - Beginning English Country Dance
102 - Intermediate ECD
103 - 15th Century Social Dancing

Although my name is on all three classes, Baroness Julianna will in fact be teaching one of the ECD classes.  That correction apparently did not make it to the University Chancellor in time to meet the =Acorn= publication deadline.

When everyone returns from War, I will doublecheck with the Chancellor personally to ensure that he indeed *did* receive that update, and resend it if necessary.

I hope we'll have a big turn-out.  :)


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