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Rita Jane Leasure ritajane at
Thu Aug 10 09:28:35 PDT 2000

	 Gollee Vard your take on  assessment and mine are very different.  Here
let me give you mine.
	Assessment was a great success for the academie.  The local dance mistress
was way over her head since her daughter was in charge of her first fiest
athe same event.  She managed to get the locals through a dance list she
worked out with the help of the academie through this list serve.  Cudos
for the list.  She printed the list of dances for the evening on the
handout everyone got at troll, so dance got published to the  populace. 
Stefan and I got ahold of the local dance mistress (Margaret) and got the
scoop on the dancing although I did not manage to attend her rehersal pre
event.  When we arrived it was like the dance cvary had hit the set.  We
made contact with the local dance mistress and got the word that she would
just as soon we run the dancing thank - you.  We cleared away tables set up
the music boxes made contact wth the live musicians for the evening. Got
the harolds to announce the afternoon practice.  Ran the afternoon practice
of most of the dances on the list and gave a bunch of newbies a leg up for
the evening as well as made friends and made several newbies feel very
special with our attention.  They will come to dance again!  

	We practiced several performance dances for intermission which went very
well.  Although the practice was tough and only 2 out of 3 got ready.  It
gave the academie a chance to work on more advanced pieces and work
together as a performance group.  That felt good, almost like pennsic, to
be sharing regional variations and interpretations.  It was good to give a
more balanced period dance set with a performance Italian.  It was not good
to have the lovely smelling fresh herbs strewn about the dance floor  It
smelled lovely and was a local innovation but it was treturous and one of
the dancers fell.  Luckily it was me and I was not hurt.  Really, I know it
was a dramatic fall but I was not hurt.  Since we were using a box the
music went right on so we got me up and finished the dance which impressed
the population at large.  Live music is always better, of course but I
think they did not have the music for the performance dances or some such. 
I didn't do that part.  The proformance dances at intermission gave the
populace something more advanced to look at, kept them focused on the dance
while they rested, and gave the academie folks a chance to show off and
bond and be identified.

	We managed to finish all the dances on the list and have enough dancers to
do the last dance.

	All in all a very successful event for the academie I'd say.  I do
appreciate the cretique and we can always learn from puting our thoughts to
improvement, but let's not lose the pats on the back to all academie
participants in assessment.  A job well done and much appreciated.  Hazzah.

					See you all at Pennsic,

					Evelynne Merrymet
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> > I wrote:
> > >> The least popular was Newcastle, which pretty much flopped. <<
> >
> > I should've added an IMHO to that.  My bad.
> >
> > I then wrote:
> > >> We *did* learn at least one valuable lesson:  The next time we are
> teaching a large group of very inexperienced dancers, we should make
> that we teach the more complicated dances during practice. <<
> >
> > To which Stefan responded:
> > >> newcastle was in fact taught in the afternoon and there were more
> 8 who knew it that evening.  next time, such a dance should be announced
> being for those who have learned it already instead of for all and having
> teach it again.  (our set finished the dance twice anyway)
> >
> > Stefan is correct in that we taught it in the afternoon, but if I
> correctly, we asked the newbies to sit it out since it was "so
> When we got to Newcastle during the evening's dance, my guess is that
> of the folks who were to attempt it had not done it previously.
> >
> > But I agree that we should have limited the dance to those who already
> knew it...and probably should have taught it to a few more folks during
> practice.
> >
> > Then again, there were a few folks who were having a HORRENDOUS time
> remembering their left from their right, and the less we talk about
> remembering which gender they are the better.  :)
> >
> > I concluded with:
> > >> We tried the patience of our musicians, who had sat through the 10
> minute intermission (we danced to recordings) and over 15 minutes of
> Newcastle instruction.
> >
> > Which was the point I was attempting to make.  Unfortunately, I didn't
> make it clearly enough, and it ended up sounding like I was bashing
> Newcastle.  Again, my bad.
> >
> > -V
> >
> >
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