academie: Welcome Joshua, Genii, and Phoebe!

SCAVard at SCAVard at
Mon Aug 7 15:11:40 PDT 2000

Just to prove the old adage that you can't tell the players without a program, the Academie has three MORE new members to welcome:

--- Now batting and playing third base from the Shire of Isenfir is...Joshua of the Dancing Blades (EmrldMyst at

--- On deck, and playing left field, from Isenfir, is...
Genii of Isenfir (until she gets an SCA name) (timandgenii at

--- And warming up in the bullpen, also from the Shire of Isenfir, is...Phoebe of Isenfir (same story) (also at timandgenii at

If I've got this mailing list thingy figured out correctly, they're already subscribed and will get a copy of this.  If not, hey, most everybody is leaving for Pennsic shortly anyway!  :)

This makes 31, including several out of kingdom "ringers".  I think we're big enough to beat-up the lace-maker's guild now.  :)


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