academie: Membership Roster

SCAVard at SCAVard at
Sun Aug 6 13:29:41 PDT 2000

I have received updates from Marion and Galeran regarding the info contained about them in the membership listing included in the August issue of =The Muse=.  When the next issue is released, that info will be updated.

To everyone else: if your info is incorrect, PLEASE let me know.  I can't read people's minds, only YOU know when your info changes.  If you move and if you want your info updated, please drop me a note.  :)

Lastly.  If I *do* happen to know that you've moved and have contacted you about getting your info updated, PLEASE take a moment to respond.  If you don't respond I will be forced to take a guess, and I'm a terrible guesser.


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