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Here is the dance list for the Caroso Ball at Pennsic, Friday, Aug 18th.  (A brief description of what a Caroso-style ball is included below that)

All in a Garden Green   Gracca Amorosa 
Amoroso         Grimstock
Anello          Heart's Ease
Argeers         Jenny Pluck Pears
Ballo del Fiore     Leoncello Vecchio
Beggar Boy      Marchesana
Bella Gioiosa       Petit Vriens
Bizzaria d'Amore    Picking of Sticks
Black Almayn        Queen's Alman
Black Nag       Rosti Boli Gioioso
Carolingian Pavanne Rufty Tufty
Chestnut        Saltarello la Regina
Contentezza d'Amore Scotch Cap
Gelosia         Villanella

For those who don't know what a "Caroso" style ball is... (an excerpt from Del' Dance Book: How to Run a Ball -- The Caroso Ball):

> You will notice that the chairs are arranged in two 
> concentric rings around the dance floor. By sitting 
> in the inner ring, you declare your interest in being 
> asked to dance. If you want to watch only, please sit 
> in the outer ring. Feel free to move yourselves, and 
> chairs if necessary, between locations. (This is an 
> adaptation. Caroso says that ladies who want to 
> watch, only, should keep their mantles on, and 
> implies that of course all gentlemen are always 
> willing to dance, though the eager ones crowd forward 
> to the edge of the dance floor.)
> If you're interested in dancing, please study the 
> playlist on the facing page - this is what our 
> musicians are prepared to play. Have a couple of 
> choices in mind for when it's your turn to choose. 
> You can choose something that's been done already if 
> you want to.
> When it is your turn, first tell the maestra del 
> ballo (that's me, Mara) what piece you want. I will 
> tell the musicians, while you go and invite one or 
> more people to dance with you, according to whether 
> the dance is for a couple or a set. The first person 
> you invite is your partner, and the one who will get 
> the next turn. (That's how they did it, so yes, 
> ladies in period did ask gentlemen to dance.) I will 
> then announce the dance. If you choose one of the 'as 
> many as will' dances, you need only invite your own 
> partner, as I will ask the company at large to join 
> in.
> Once someone has danced, he or she ought not to be 
> asked again until everyone of that gender has danced.
> Please try to get into the spirit of participating in 
> a dance by being a spectator - it's how you'll be 
> spending most of the session! 


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