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Fri Aug 4 07:25:55 PDT 2000

Happy Pennsic-eve, everyone!

I wanted to post a brief note to let everyone know that the first issue of the Academie's new newsletter, =The Muse=, has been posted to the temporary Academie website! (Thanks, Bryan)

It has information about upcoming activities, a listing of the current membership roster, and a bunch of other stuff.  Those going to War should be interested in the "Pennsic Dancing" section, which lists all of the currently-scheduled dance classes and balls for this year's War.  There's a BUNCH of stuff scheduled, no excuse for having nothing to do!  :)

Anyway, please check out the newsletter and let me know what you think.  Ideas for future issues are always welcome, and if anyone happens to take a camera to one of the balli, I wouldn't mind getting a couple of photos to publish.

For those going to War: have a safe trip, drink lots of water, and please be careful.  


PS - Post-Pennsic Revel, Storvik, Saturday Aug 26th.  Eating, drinking, schmoozing, and dancing.  Be there!

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