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Tue Jul 25 15:04:58 PDT 2000

I wrote:
>> The least popular was Newcastle, which pretty much flopped. <<

I should've added an IMHO to that.  My bad.

I then wrote:
>> We *did* learn at least one valuable lesson:  The next time we are teaching a large group of very inexperienced dancers, we should make CERTAIN that we teach the more complicated dances during practice. <<

To which Stefan responded:
>> newcastle was in fact taught in the afternoon and there were more than 8 who knew it that evening.  next time, such a dance should be announced as being for those who have learned it already instead of for all and having to teach it again.  (our set finished the dance twice anyway)

Stefan is correct in that we taught it in the afternoon, but if I rember correctly, we asked the newbies to sit it out since it was "so complicated".  When we got to Newcastle during the evening's dance, my guess is that half of the folks who were to attempt it had not done it previously.

But I agree that we should have limited the dance to those who already knew it...and probably should have taught it to a few more folks during practice.

Then again, there were a few folks who were having a HORRENDOUS time remembering their left from their right, and the less we talk about newbies remembering which gender they are the better.  :)

I concluded with:
>> We tried the patience of our musicians, who had sat through the 10 minute intermission (we danced to recordings) and over 15 minutes of Newcastle instruction.

Which was the point I was attempting to make.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it clearly enough, and it ended up sounding like I was bashing Newcastle.  Again, my bad.


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