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Tue Jul 18 10:56:12 PDT 2000

Greetings fellow Academie members

I have been asked to reclarify my recent statement of discontent regarding a lack of response.  To me response is in both the positive ("Hey, I can do that!") to the negative ("No, I am busy that weekend, etc.).  I, as a lover of dance and a member of the Academie, have been trying to promote dance in Sudentur for quite sometime.  As many of you know in promoting dance, we often have a hard road to walk.  We do have folks in Sudentur interested in dance and those who are not interested in dancing may be interested in watching a demonstration, which, in turn, may interest them in actually trying somthing that looked so nifty and cool.  Being a very new group, we also have newbies who have not yet made up their mind one way or the other regarding dance and may be will to try.  It is for these reasons that I pressed the issue and was irritated in my e-mail at the lack of response from the Academie.  It is very difficult to motivate others to dance if the support from the dance community is not behind me at least with a few folks making it a little side jaunt (its right off of 95, 5 minutes, I swear) on their trip back North (for those going that way) from Assessments.  

I believe that I have now garnered an adequate response (2 members plus myself) to pull it iff at least a demo or two.  But others are still welcome to respond and come join in the fun!  Dancing will probably start about 2:30 on Sunday and I hear speak of FREE FOOD!

In Service,

Lady Rowen ferch Rhys

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