academie: Assessment Demos

SCAVard at SCAVard at
Mon Jul 17 13:40:05 PDT 2000

Scriptsit Bryan:
> Who's participating in said demonstration, and what 
> dances are being done?  Or is it just going to get 
> tossed together day-of?

Hmmm, okay.  I never heard back that our offer was accepted, but that's cool, we'll address it here.

My original thinking when I suggested a demo was to do something pretty, something that we can do without too much trouble, but something which might not be too easily taught.  At Midwinter Dance Revel in Lochmere, we did a couple of three-some Italian dances.  Alas, I do not recall which ones, but I'm certain Judith remembers....

As to what we can do, I think it's pretty much wide open for suggestion at this point.  The scheduled dances are all pretty easy ones, so anything even moderately difficult would probably be just fine.  Maybe one ECD for all of us and one Italian for those who know it?  Just to toss a suggestion out, how's about Parson's Farewell and Rostiboli Gioioso?

-V (still swamped, but at starting to come up for air)

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