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Trying once again....

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> So who is on the dance tour date for July?  It is the day after
> Assessments...and anyone heading back up north...we would love to have you
> all here in Sudentur!!!
> In Service,
> Lady Rowen ferch Rhys
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> I'll tackle this one.
> The idea of the "Dance Tour" was to have a bunch of us Academie folks
> descend upon some hapless group for a day and refuse to go away until
> everybody was dancing.
> Think of it as a kind of roving dance practice.
> The first of these will be in Storvik on 4/30 (Sunday).  It's the day
> immediately after their Baronial Championships, and will be held on the
> site.  It's going to be a tough start, since we'll be outdoor, but it's
> we've been offered and I'm loathe to be so picky as to turn it down.
> The second was going to be held in conjunction with Bright Hills' Garb
> event on 5/20, but the event has been canceled due to a scheduling
> at the site.  Since the day has already been deconflicted with the
> and Kingdom calendars, and since the whole Barony is likely to be sitting
> around with nothing to do that day, I'm going to contact Baroness
> and propose that we use the day for dancing.  It will hinge on them being
> able to find a site in quick order, and it will *not* be an official event
> since there's no way to announce it in the Acorn.  (More on this later,
> got some networking to do..)
> In June, we're hoping to do this in conjunction with Südentür's 4th Sunday
> dance practices.
> Our goal is to be able to do these sort of things throughout the WHOLE
> kingdom, not just up in the Northern part.  This concept is still a
> relatively new one, and we need to try it out a couple of times before we
> *really* know what we're doing.  And since most of us are up here, here's
> where we're experimenting.
> I believe there is a LOT of interest in this in Windmaster's Hill, and
> perhaps we do two in June?  That, or we can designate July as their month.
> August is a no-go, since Pennsic will get in the way.
> For September, I was going to propose doing it in whatever group wins the
> bid for Coronation....but that's still a ways off.
> October is wide open.  I'd like to do it in the South or Central region,
> other things being equal.
> For November, I would like to have it in Dun Carraig, since I've
> to Autocrat our Baronial Birthday (on 11/11).
> -V

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