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Sun Jul 9 18:53:34 PDT 2000

First off, my apologies to Lord James for not having paid attention to his warning regarding the approaching deadline for classes for the October University.  I didn't read his mail carefully enough, so it never sank in that the deadline was RIGHT ON TOP OF US!  :)

That said, guess what?  The deadline for the University in October is RIGHT NOW.  Unfortunately we've not had a chance to toss ideas around and solicit for volunteers, but I'm confident that the University *does* want to offer classes, so I'm going to go ahead and submit us for a half-line (that's THREE classes).

Since the better-attended classes tend to be those where we actually teach dances, that's what I'm going to sign us up for.  Two English Country classes (a beginners class and an intermediate class), and one Italian class.  I'm doing this because (a) I don't know for certain which of us will be able to make University, and (b) I have to assume that as a worst-case, *I* will be the one teaching, since I'm the one signing-us up. :)

There are a few classes that we didn't get a chance to teach at the June session.  I will let the University Chancellor know that we have two or three more potential classes "up our sleeves" that we could teach if he needs us to fill in a gap in the schedule.

I will send a copy of the info I send the University Chancellor to the Academie.  Expect it later today.

(For planning purposes, the date is October 14th, and I understand that it will be in Wilmington NC.)


PS - Greg/Keilyn/Etain, *this* is why I called you last night.

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