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Ken Buzzard KenBuzz at
Wed Jun 28 14:17:53 PDT 2000

Here's the current state of the membership roster.  Note that I have NOT
updated it for Marion's pending move down south.  I'm soliciting for

SCA Name (Title) - Group/Subgroup - State - Email
Alwyn Feather the Foolish (Lord) - Nottinghill Coill/Cyddlain Downs - SC -
rampantdragon at
Alyson of Islay (Countess) - Storvik - MD - appin1 at
Bran Trefonen (Master) - Hidden Mountain/Tear's Sea Shore - SC -
SWMyers at
Brenna of Lyonsbane - Marinus - VA - sunnie at
Bryan Morgan (Lord) - Isenfir - VA - dmo at
Catalana di Neri - Würm Wald (Middle) - IL - elneely at
Dryw MacMorcat (Lady) - Sacred Stone/Guardians - NC - afreed at
Edvard Gayer (Lord) - Dun Carraig - MD - scavard at
Eibhlin nic'Raghailligh - Crosston (West) - CA - kmadsen at
Elspeth of Harilow (THL) - Marinus - VA - elspethharilow at
Etain ingen Thadgain (Lady) - Lochmere - MD - scaetain at
Galeran Chanterel (Lord) - Ponte Alto - VA - bsidlaus at
Gregory Blount (Master) - Ponte Alto - VA - lindahl at
Gwendolyn Tremayne (Lady) - Windmaster's Hill/Atilluim - NC -
teddybear667 at
Gwenllian ferch Gruffyd - Dun Carraig - MD - tlkitty at
James of Middle Aston (Lord) - Windmaster's Hill/Buckston-on-Eno - NC -
james at
John of Ravenswood (Lord) - Berley Court - VA - corilla at
Judith de Northumbria (Lady) - Bakhail (East) - DE - judithsca at
Julianna Fiorentini (Baroness) - Hidden Mountain/Misty Marsh - SC -
mack2357 at
Keilyn FitzWarrin (Mistress) - Ponte Alto - VA - bmorris at
Margaret Obrolchan - Black Diamond - VA - olorin at
Marion the Red - Storvik - MD - marionred at
Moira of Gutherie - Crannog Mor - NC - moira1 at
Rolf the Blunt - Caer Mear - VA - daughtcalm at
Rowen ferch Rhys (Lady) - Stierbach/Südentür - VA - rowenrhys at
Stefan of Cambion (Lord) - Storvik - MD - lanhamlaw at
Victoria Pringle - Isenfir - VA - KilrRabbit at

The following gentles expressed interest in joining the Academie at
University, but my attempts to contact them haven't worked.  I need to
confirm their addresses, and that they *really* want to sign-up for the
Academie.  Do any of you have a way to contact them and have them contact

Evelynne Merrymet - Black Diamond - ritajane at
Rufus Lynawulf - Caer Mear - Caer Gelin - chris at
Ursula von Bremen (Lady) - Windmaster's Hill/Kappellenberg -
ThatUrsula at
Tatiana Miroslavna - Stierbach - sharon at

-Vard (using his alternate non-AOL address)

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