academie: Dancing at Passage East (11/18)

Ken Buzzard KenBuzz at
Wed Jun 28 14:12:26 PDT 2000


I have been contacted by the Autocrat for Falcon Cree's Passage East event
in mid-November.  I'll forward her email just as soon as AOL comes back to

She wants to have a Masqued Ball, and as luck would have it, the event is
themed centering around Florence in the Late 15th Cy.  (I'm assuming the
Florence in Italy, not the one in Kentucky).  Do we know anything about what
was danced in 15th Cenutry Italy?   ;)

First things first.  We need to give her a local Academie point of contact.
Forgive me for not knowing my Atlantian geography as well as I should, but
since Falcon Cree is in SC, it seems to make sense to give her a SC PoC.
(Alwyn?  Julianna?)  Any volunteers?  :)

Next, she's never run, much less been to, a Masqued Ball, so she'll need
help with things like arranging for musicians, making practices available
during the day and perhaps the weeks prior to the event, printing up set
lists, etc.  A lot of this we can do via email, and I'd like to have her
talk to someone whose had recent autocratting experience with dance-related
events.  (Bryan?  Etain?  Galeran?  Others?)  Again, anyone have the time to
talk with her?

She says she's contacted the MSoB (Militant Society of Bards).  James, are
you involved with this?

Go team, go!


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