academie: Set list for Assessments

Peggy Brodie olorin at
Thu Jun 29 09:01:08 PDT 2000

I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it.....:-)
Golly, 7 of you coming!  This is a little intimidating-- what am I dong in
charge of this thing?  But, I led my first dance practice last night, and
nobody got hurt, and only once did we throw up our hands and start over, and
all 9 of us had a good time.  And did it all using just the notes in the
Coronation Masked Ball folder, because two different computers couldn't be
persuaded to print the book of cheat sheets. (Kinko's handled it today.)

The bit I seem to need help with is, what is a good order for these dances.
I know I need to mix faster and slower, and start off with something catchy
but not energetic (you are going to be groaning from that feast, I guarantee
it, and save room for a particularly rich desert).  Is 12 numbers too short?
Does anything about this list make anyone cringe?  I remember hearing that
Hole-in-the-Wall isn't period, but it's a Black Diamond favorite and it
stays....  fighters aren't going to be fussy.

Sellenger's Round
Rufty Tufty
Jenny Pluck Pears
Horse's Bransle
Official Bransle
Maltese Bransle
Washerwoman's Bransle
Petit Vriens
Black Nag
Hole In The Wall
Gathering Peascods

Somebody put them in order for me, please?
Already the Academie is fulfilling its mission-- I wouln't have even
proposed a dance at Assessments without you!

Many thanks--     Margaret Obrolchan

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness".

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