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Wed Jun 28 16:01:50 PDT 2000

All of this is dependent on what the Autocrat has planned, of course:

My understanding of the site is that the upper pavilion will be unavailable to us during the day, since that's where court and other activities are likely to be held.  The lower pavillion will likewise be unavailable, since that's likely to be used for competitions, displays, shelter, and feast.

Once court breaks-up and folks head downstairs for feast, the upper pavilion *should* be all ours.

This means that any practice we have during the day will be outdoors.  This might make it tough on ankles, as well as making it difficult for the dancers to hear the musicians (or boom box).  It can be done, but it will need some thinking.

Since this event is so fighter-heavy, I tend to agree with the suggestions that the ball be kept simple.  If we focus on widely-known "big group" dances (incl. Sellenger's Round and most of the bransles), and throw in a few easy-to-learn "big group" dances (like Il Piantone and Petit Vriens), I think we'll do fine.

I would suggest planning for two sets, with a brief intermission.  During that intermission, the Academie could do a couple of demonstration pieces (something Italian, I would think).

So far, the names I *think* are going to Assessments include: Marion, Bryan, Victoria, Vard, James, Rowen, Gwendolyn.  Have I missed any?


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