academie: Assessment

marion wright marionred at
Wed Jun 28 11:41:19 PDT 2000

last i heard about dancing during the days is that we will not have use of 
the pavilion. Peggy is in charge of dancing .. and I again added the 
autocrates email to this email

>Greetings all,
>I just wanted to let those involved with Assessment know that Victoria and 
>will be attending for sure now.  I had some logistical issues I needed to 
>with, but they're handled now, and we'll be there.
>Who's taking the lead on the dance-related stuff that day?  Peggy?  For 
>matter, what IS the plan for dance?  I know Peggy was developing a set list 
>I presume, an evening of dance?  What about during the day?

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