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Sat Jun 24 16:46:39 PDT 2000


TRHs announced in the most recent =Acorn= that They are accepting bids for Twelfth Night next January, and that They want to have a Masqued Ball.

I strongly believe that we should be involved in this.

Considering that we're scattered all over Atlantia, there's a darned good chance that whichever group ends up winning the bid will have an Academie member or three already living there.  So, I was thinking that we ought to do a little coordinating (scheming?) to make CERTAIN that we're involved.  :)

Might I suggest that at each of your next local baronial/shire/whatever meetings, could you please bring the topic up for discussion?  Go ahead and make mention of the fact that the Academie would be more than willing to help out.  You could even say that you have at your disposal the most experienced and well-connected dance weenies in the Kingdom, including those who coordinated the Balls at Coronarion for Amalric & Caia, Caer Mear's Masqued Ball, and this years' Twelfth Night, among others.

One final note.  When you bring it up, take great care that you don't get tagged as Autocrat unless you REALLY want to do that.  The person running the Ball should under no circumstances be the Autocrat.  They're both important jobs, but for the Ball to come off, the coordinator MUST be free from other distractions.  Trust me on this.  If you *do* get tagged as Autocrat, let us know and one of us can step in and coordinate the Ball for you.

Schemingly yours,

PS - Just saw Repo Man again.  "Plate of shrimp"

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