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At University, several of us discussed the possibility of having the Academie sponsor dancing at War Assessments in Bright Hills on July 22nd.  The site is the same one as was used for Crown Tourney where Stephan and Niobe witnessed Amalric and Caia win.  It's the one that features a double-decker pavillion.

The request comes from Margaret, one of our new members (or at least will be when I get all of the stuff caught-up from University).  I've included her email to me below, and have CCd this to her, please include her on any reply since she's not subscribed to the list quite yet.

Dancing would happen in the upper half of the pavillion.  Nice wood floors, great view, and no worries about clearing a feast hall to get in the way.  I expect that an afternoon practice wouldn't be out of the question, since the primary activity during the day is fighting and there might be lots of non-combattants there with nothing else to do.  :)

Thoughts?  Volunteers?
// Vard //

In a message dated Thu, 8 Jun 2000  9:36:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, olorin at (Peggy Brodie) writes:

<< Lord Edvard-- yes, do please enter me as a new member, and a member wishing immediately to take advantage of the Academie!  Last night I checked with the autocrat of Assessments, and he said adding a dance would be fine.  If someone within the Academie will commit to assisting with a dance at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista, VA, on July 22, then I will consider it official and add it to the event description, etc., but I wouldn't have the nerve to do it without a guide!   I'm thinking that the war practice nature of the event lends itself well as an excuse to keep to the familiar dances-- "farewell party on the eve of battle" or some such gush.  It would be best not to count on our musicians for live music.  All two of them have had exactly one practice together, I haven't heard them yet, one is frequently  medically incapacitated and I don't know if the other plans to come to the event.  We do however have a set of CDs, and we sure wouldn't turn down volunteers.  At present!
, feast is tentatively planned for 5 o'clock, after a 4 o'clock court, and working with my daughter the head cook shouldn't present any problems.

This is all your fault, you know.......  !


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