academie: Heraldry: opinions solicited

Beth Morris bmorris at
Wed Jun 7 10:54:23 PDT 2000

SCAVard at wrote:
> All:
> Golden Dolphin has contacted me, and she believes that the Academie *can* submit a badge containing Spike if we so want.  Further, the Kingdom would submit this heraldry on behalf of the Academie, so we would not have any problems with Laurel regarding this particular charge.  (All of this will be confirmed this Sunday, but Alanna thinks this is probably a can-do.)

It should be - we've done stuff like that before.
> Step 1 - Confirm that the idea of having an Academie badge is a good one, and solicit for specific things that people might like to see on that badge.

Seems like a generally good idea as an "identifier".  Simple is good. 
Something that can be cast as a brooch or something would be
super-excellent - medieval identifiers are much better than SCAjun
ones.  This means, when thinking in design terms, something that's a
single 'structural' entity (or can become one).  Something like Spike
within a bordure dancetty?  That way he connects to the bordure top and
bottom and makes a nifty emblem that can be displayed lots o' places.

I'm all for fieldless badges and simple-style heraldry.  Spike is
sufficiently unique (and of course, we can conflict with other Atlantian
crap) that we should be able to get something simple....
> Step 2 - Get a small group of us together -- preferably those with some heraldic experience -- to come up with 2 or 3 specific badge proposals.  (The heralds that I *know* of are myself, Bryan, Bran and Rowen... who else is out there?)

Me, I guess.  


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