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Tue Jun 6 13:17:46 PDT 2000

I hope everyone has recovered well from the weekend's travel to/from University!

Our classes this weekend went very well, IMO.  The first three "lecture" classes had 6-12 students each, with about half of those students being non-Academie members.  The three "practice" classes were EXTREMELY well-attended, with as many as two dozen folks trying to squeeze into our assigned room (I doubt we could have had many more).  In addition, James' class on dancing for musicians went well, and I think everybody came out having learned and shared a lot of good info.

I collected slightly less than a dozen names/addresses from folks interested in joining the Academie, and have already received a couple of emails from people who have tracked us down.  I will be sending each of them a letter of welcome, and will confirm that they want to be added to the mailing list before passing their addresses along to our list manager.  After they're "in", I'll send everyone a roster update so we'll all know who's here. :)

(PS - We've now got members from Atlantia, the East and the Middle, and *might* be gaining one from AEthelmearc soon!)

Either I or Gregory will be posting a letter to the Merry Rose soon to announce ourselves to everyone subscribed there... it will probably mimic the letter that Gregory wrote for the July =Acorn= (due in your mailboxes in 4 weeks).  We will probably see a bump-up in our membership after each of them come out.

I'm also working on that "questionare" thingy that I bounced off of the Academie a month or two ago.  I think it's about time to dust that off to try to ascertain what kind of mix we've got between dancers, musicians, instructors, etc etc etc.  Expect to see that in a week or two.

For those who've not yet taken a peek at the Academie website, it's up and running.  (Thanks Bryan!)  The pages haven't yet migrated to their permanent site at, but you can go ahead and visit the following URL and bookmark it for future reference:

On the heraldry front, it has been mentioned that we might want an Academie-specific badge (or other heraldry) to allow us to more easily identify ourselves to each other and to the populace.  I've not yet heard from Golden Dolphin regarding my request as to whether the Academie can use Spike or not.  (Spike is the nickname given to the unicorned seahorse that appears on much of the Kingdom's heraldry).  There have been some private discussions regarding what exactly a "dance" is and isn't, and how we might use it IF we decide to go that way.  I'd like to emphasize that we are only exploring options at this point, trying to determine what we can and cannot do.  Nothing has been set in stone yet.  Once we get a better idea about what our options are, we'll solicit for opinions on this topic to see what the Academie would like.

That's what's what.


(obligatory .sig file:)
Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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