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Scriptsit Galeran:
<< This seems like a reasonable time to mention that there is a period charge known as a "dance" or as a line "dancetty". I have one on my device. Basically, it's a horizontal zigzag.  Might be worth working into the Academie's badge. >>

I'm already ahead of you, G-man.  I was talking to Golden Dolphin at Coronation, inquiring about the use of Spike (the unicorned seahorse on much of Atlantia's heraldry) on one side of a badge, and a harp/recorder (or other musical instrument), divided by a dancetty vertical line.  Something like:

Per pale dancetty, argent and azure, a unicornate natural seahorse and a (harp/recorder/other) counterchanged.  (Or, in other words, a "dance" between a seahorse and a harp/etc.)

I haven't yet moved forward with this, because even tho Spike isn't a technically reserved-to-Kingdom charge, his use presents some complications.  Laurel isn't keen on "unicorned" charges, and won't pass them any more.  But Atlantia is considered "grandfathered", so it can use the charge on future heraldic submissions provided that it's the Kingdom itself submitting it.  So, as it effectively turns out, Spike *is* a Kingdom-only charge, and only if I/we convince Golden Dolphin to submit the badge for us, we won't be able to use that charge.  G.D. asked me to give her time to think it over, and talk to her at University.

I would very much like to use Spike, since that charge plus the blue/white color say "Atlantia".  The musical instrument and the "dance" serve to say "Academie".  I was hoping to suprise y'all.  (Thanks for forcing my hand, G-man. :P )

If G.D. nixes our use of Spike, we can still do the "dance between A and B" theme.


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