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Fri Jun 2 12:32:33 PDT 2000


As a reminder, the Charter Scroll will be at University tomorrow.  Everybody who hasn't already signed it is invited to do so before Etain puts it under glass forever and ever.

The Charter currently bears the signatures of:
(from top left to bottom right) Keilyn, Gregory, Alyson, Amalric, Caia, Marion, Stefan, Judith, Etain, Rowen, Bryan, Victoria, and Vard.

I will do my best to also bring the same calligraphic pen that was used at University, but it was leaking very badly then and has been placed somewhere where the ink wouldn't stain anything else.  There's a chance that it might not be in working order any more.  (Bryan, do you remember where you got it..we may want another just like it.) 

Also, is there any final word on the post-University dancing revel that was hinted at several weeks ago?

Lastly, I have printed 125 copies of the handout flyer.  Everybody, please make sure you get a copy for yourself so that you can make copies for your local groups later if need be.  There are a few known errors in the flyer, but none of them are show-stoppers.  Since we have Room 2 all day, we might want to come a little early and set up some kind of display (scroll, handouts, music CDs, etc.) Just a thought...I get them all the time. :)


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