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Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Jun 2 11:13:12 PDT 2000

Thanks to you all for your commentary on the website.  I've made all of the
suggested changes that are practical to make prior to University (Greg's
suggestions of additional resources are excellent but will require more time)
and have updated the interim site.  Unless anyone else has any serious issues,
I'd say it's ready to go production.  I need to resolve a font readability
issue, too, but again that's a more involved process than I can do before

In related news...

Greg commented:
>> It Would Be Cool if we could have a nice list of upcoming events
>> featuring dancing, but that would require consistant work to keep
>> up-to-date.

It's a good point.  I think we should make a serious attempt at keeping at least
this part of the site actively up-to-date, as it may be one of the more useful
areas.  If people get me information about things that should go on our activity
calendar, I'll keep it up-to-date (and if I don't, pester me and I'll feel
guilty and do it :)

The following people are listed as contacts on the site, but so far have not
requested to either have their e-mail addresses or other contact information
added, nor asked to be removed.  If you're on this list, please let me know how
you want to be represented, if at all:

Bahkail (EK) – Lady Judith de Northumbria
Lochmere – Lady Etain ingen Thadgain
Storvik – Countess Alyson of Islay
Storvik – Lord Stefan of Cambion
Storvik – Marion the Red

Virginia Proper:
Marinus – THL Elspeth of Harilow
Marinus – Brenna of Lyonsbane

North/South Carolina:
Hidden Mountain – Baroness Julianna Fiorentini
Hidden Mountain – Master Bran Trefonen
Sacred Stone – Lady Dryw MacMorcat

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