academie: Academie Website

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed May 31 15:08:17 PDT 2000

Greetings, y'all,

The initial draft of the Academie website is done and up.  The interim site
(where I can still get to it easily) is:

I've already updated it with some commentary from a couple of initial reviews,
but I still need some serious input on the Upcoming Activities section, the
Resources section, and I need to find out who on the contact list is willing to
have more information (like e-mail addresses, etc) posted, and who might want to
be removed entirely.  I included everything I could think of, but I'm sure
there's a lot more that could be added.  I tried to at least meet the
"requirements" set forth in the charter.

I welcome any and all commentary and input regarding anything on the site.  I
want it to be as nice and functionally complete as possible, but I need input
from you all to make it so, preferably in the next couple of days, so it can be
in final form by University.



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