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Here's the text from the handout.  Except for a few grammatical do-overs, I believe this to be pretty much done.

Pleaase read through the following and let me know immediately if I've said anything which will cause you heartburn.

Also, I have listed all of the members that I know about on the contact list on page 6.  No email addresses are provided, just a list of people and home groups.  Please look through this list and let me know if anything is wrong.  In particular, let me know if any titles are incorrect or missing.  (Marion, Victoria, and Brenna particularly!)

If anyone wants a copy of this in Microsoft Publisher '98 format, contact me.


L’Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

The Atlantian Academie of Dance

Dedicated to furthering the practice of and the research into the dancing arts of the Renaissance

Founded March XIth AS XXXIV
During the reign of Amalric and Caia
XXXVIIIth Monarchs of Atlantia

PG 2:
An Overview of L’Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

L’Academie Atlantienne de la Danse (“The Academie”) is a newly-formed dance guild dedicated to furthering the practice of, and research into, the dancing arts of the Renaissance. We are dancers, musicians, instructors, and every-day people who enjoy dancing and the dancing arts, and who share as a common goal the spreading of period styles of dancing throughout Atlantia. 

The Academie is open to anyone who practices, teaches, or who is otherwise interested in the art, music, history, reconstruction, or performance or theory of period dancing styles. We encourage the learning and mastery of the art of period dancing, while aiding those outside of the Academie in the appreciation of period dancing.

The Academie does this by encouraging its members to study, teach, and consult with one another regarding period techniques, sponsoring dance workshops and practices, and sponsoring classroom instruction at Universities and other symposia. We will also work with local groups to help get dance practices started, and will provide instructors and arrange for musicians whenever possible.

We have formed the Academie, in essence, to provide a dance-focused forum wherein we can exchange ideas and sources, and to aid in our efforts to bring Atlantia to her feet. The Academie is all-inclusive. Anyone with an interest in period dance, regardless of talent or skill, is welcome to join and participate!

Pg 3:
Frequently Asked Questions

Why form an “Academie”?
The Academie was formed in reaction to the groundswell of interest and support that dancing has enjoyed here in Atlantia. We hope to build upon this momentum to help introduce dancing to all corners of the Kingdom, and to help educate those who are interested in the styles and techniques of period dancing.

What do you mean by “period” dancing?
The Academie focuses on the same historical period as the SCA, up to 1650 AD. We are mainly focused on late-period Western European dancing, as this is from where most of our primary sources originate. However, pre-Renaissance and Middle Eastern dancing are both under our purview, as are any other styles of dancing which originate from our time period. However, dances which are out of period or which have been manufactured “in the style of” period dances are not part of what the Academie covers.

Does the Academie have a Charter?
Yes we do. See the following pages.

Who can join?
Absolutely anyone can join the Academie. All you have to have is an interest in dancing or dance music, and let us know you want in!

But what if I don't dance?
We’ll teach ya. :) Seriously, though, being able to dance is not a prerequisite for membership in the Academie. Having an interest in dancing, be it in practice or theory, is sufficient. Some of our members teach, others do research into the art or history of dancing, while still others play instruments. Some dance, some don’t. 

What about musicians?
Musicians are especially welcome to join the Academie! We will help you network with other musicians with an interest in dancing, and can easily help you find dancers willing to volunteer to dance for you! We can also help you learn the important difference between playing dance music, and playing music for dancers.

My group wants to get dance practices started, can the Academie help me?
You bet, that’s one of the main reasons we’re here! We are happy to provide help with such matters as hosting a dance event, starting a local dance practice, or any other related service as needed. We can provide instructors or help train a local instructor, provide step-by-step dance “how-to’s”, even provide music or help you find music or musicians on your own. The first step is to contact your closest Academie member or the Academie Secretary and we’ll work with you from there.

Will the Academie be sponsoring any events?
In a sense, we already have. Though the Academie itself is newly-formed, Academie members have been Autocrats or Entertainment Coordinators for several recent events, both at the local and Kingdom levels, where dancing and dance instruction were highlights of the days’ activities. We are sponsoring an entire track of dance instruction at the Spring University, and hope to do likewise at all future Universities. In addition, we hope to sponsor workshops and practices at various locations throughout Atlantia.

What’s this I’ve heard about a “Dance Tour”?
That’s another one of our projects. We are hoping to bring dancing to the Kingdom by having a group of Academie instructors descend on a different local group each month and not leave until everybody dances! It’s a bit ambitious, and it’s been slow to get off the ground, but it’s inline with our long-term goal of making Fair Lady Atlantia dance. If you’re interested in having the Dance Tour make a scheduled stop at your local group, contact the Academie member nearest you. 

Does the Academie have a website or mailing list?
By the time this flyer is published, we anticipate that the Academie website will be up and running. The address for the site will be The Academie also maintains an electronic mailing list which is open for Academie members only.

How do I join?
To join the Academie, please contact the Academie Secretary (info on back cover) who will be happy to assist you.

Pg 4-5:
Charter Text

Pg 6:
FAQ Continued

Pg 7:
Local / Regional Contacts

To learn about Academie activities in your local area, or for any other Academie-related business, please feel free to contact any of the following Gentles:

Bahkail (EK) – Lady Judith de Northumbria
Bright Hills – Marion the Red
Dun Carraig – Lord Edvard Gayer
Lochmere – Lady Etain ingen Thadgain
Storvik – Lord Stefan of Cambion

Northern Virginia:
Ponte Alto – Countess Alyson of Islay
Ponte Alto – Master Gregory Blount
Ponte Alto – Mistress Keilyn FitzWarrin
Stierbach – Lady Rowen ferch Rhys

Virginia Proper:
Isenfir – Lord Bryan Morgan
Isenfir – Victoria Pringle
Marinus – THL Elspeth of Harilow
Marinus – Brenna of Lyonsbane

North/South Carolina:
Hidden Mountain – Baroness Julianna Fiorentini
Hidden Mountain – Master Bran Trefonen
Nottinghill Coill –  Lord Alwyn Feather the Foolish
Sacred Stone – Lady Dryw MacMorcat

Chancelier of the Academie:
Master Gregory Blount (MKA Greg Lindahl) lindahl at

Academie Secretary:
Lord Edvard Gayer (MKA Ken Buzzard) scavard at

Pg 8:
For more information, please visit our web site:

Or contact the Academie Secretary:
Lord Edvard Gayer (MKA Ken Buzzard)
academie-secretary at
Phone: 301-737-0437

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