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Sun May 28 08:41:30 PDT 2000

Here's what I am putting into the 8-page handout:

Cover: Name of the Academie, artwork from the charter scroll
Page 2: Introduction to the Academie
Page 3: FAQ, page 1
Pages 4-5: Charter text
Page 6: FAQ, page 2
Page 7: Local/regional contact listing
Page 8: Website info

The FAQ section will address questions like:
- Why form an Academie?
- What do you mean by "period" dancing?
- Who can join?
- What if I don't dance?
- What about musicians?
- Who can I join?

I am planning to list the charter members as local points of contact.  Just groups and names, no email addresses or phone numbers.  People wanting more info will be directed to the website or to contact the Secretary.

[BTW, the website will be  It's not there yet, but should be soon.]

Since University is next weekend, and since the copy shop is a 45 minute one-way drive, I *have* to get the flyer done today or tomorrow.  Inputs are welcome, but they have to be timely.  :)


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