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Fri May 26 07:05:19 PDT 2000

In a sense, I agree with this, but I've given this a little thought and now I'm not so sure.  The handout/flyer might be something that we would hope to be able to use for several months/years.  If specific people are identified, we may be putting ourselves in a position where we would have to make a revision and re-issue the handouts whenever key personnel change or move.

What *might* make more sense is to direct folks to our website and identify regional contacts there.  That way we can change folks without worrying about making the flyer obsolete.  

OTOH, I know that not everybody has access to the web, and I don't want to do anything to exclude folks from getting in touch with us through other channels, so maybe a listing of our people in the flyer is still a good idea after all.

Bottom line, I just don't know which way is better.  Perhaps it's not a big deal after all, and we should just go ahead and put folks' names/addresses in the flyer.  I mean, one of our tenets is that we want to spread dancing to all corners of Atlantia, right?  How better to do that than to identify as many points of contact as we can?

I'm so confused!  Aiiiieeeee!  :)


In a message dated Thu, 25 May 2000  6:35:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, KilrRabbit writes:

I would think that we would want as many contact people as possible. That way you can contact the closest person.  If we limit it to large regions then your contact could be hours away from you ... [snip] ... I would limit it to one person per "group" (Barony, whatever). The easier it is to reach someone the better.

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