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University is looming on the horizon.  The Academie is sponsoring a "6+1" track of classes:

102 - How to Teach Dance (Gregory)
202 - Dance Logistics (Bryan and Victoria)
302 - Dancing at Events (Vard and Etain)
402 - English Country Dance (Stefan)
502 - French Dancing (Gregory)
505 - Dancing for the Musician (James)
602 - 15th Century Social Dancing (Judith)

Of course, we're all going to be there.  :)

This probably goes without saying, but just to be certain... if anyone who is going to be teaching a class thinks that they might not be able to make it, please see if you can find someone to cover for you, or ask the Academie for help.  And for those instructors who are giving "lecture"-style classes, it's only 10 days until you'll have a room full of people waiting for you to impart 50-55 minutes of information....are you ready?

Break topic

I am putting together a 4-8 page booklet describing the Academie and giving people more information about us.  I have similar booklets from the Embroiders' Guild and Acachne's Web, and I've done newsletters for several years, so I've got a pretty good handle on what I'm doing.  I've not yet started, though, so NOW is the time for anyone who has a specific input to make it known. Here's what I'm planning to put in the handout:

A letter of welcome (Gregory?)
A copy of the Charter text
*A listing of specific points of contact
The address of our web site (Bryan, is it done?)
**A brief FAQ

* - Who wants to be on this?  I'm figuring on one person per region (MD/DC, VA, NC/SC) plus Gregory

** - I'm soliciting for questions to include here.

What other information should go in the handout?  

Remember, we don't have to answer EVERY POSSIBLE question, just provide enough info to satisfy someone who's interested and let them know what their next step should be in case they want to join.  But at the same time, it should provide a fairly clear explanation about what we are and why we exist.

I will bring oodles of copies to University, and every Academie Member there will get one/several to take home with them.  They should be freely copied and distributed wherever we go.  Also, I'd like to put a PDF version of it up on the website, but that can wait until after University.

Break break ... last topic

I got the illuminated Charter scroll back a week or two ago.  It's quite spiff!  I will bring it (and Bryan's pillowcase) to University, and we will get everyone's signature who hasn't already signed it.  If I get a chance, I'll snap a photo of the scroll and put it up on the web for y'all to ooh and aah over.  After University, it will go back with Etain, who's making arrangements to get it framed.

If you've NOT signed the scroll and you're NOT going to be at University, let me know so someone can add your name for you.  Once it's under glass, it becomes very difficult to add names later, so next weekend is likely the last chance to do this.

That's it.  If anyone has an input regarding classes at University or the Handout, I need to know as soon as possible.

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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