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A reminder, we have volunteered to coordinate dancing at Bright Hills' fighter practice this Friday.  Directions provided below.

Baron Temur and Baroness Ekaterina have offered crash space at Their brand-new abode.  Please contact Them directly if you wish to avail yourself of this generous offer (EkaterinaV at

If memory serves, Marion said she would probably be there (final exams notwithstanding), and Alyson said she would *likely* be there (Friday traffic notwithstanding).  My presence is still unlikely, as I have an obligation early Saturday morning down here in So.MD that I cannot avoid.  If anyone else is hoping to make it, please let me know.  Also, for those going, do you have material (dance music, tabulations, etc) or do you need some?

Here are the directions.

Ekaterina from Bright Hills here - with directions.

Our practice site is Franklin Middle School, Main street, Reisterstown, MD.

We have both the auditorium (for the heavy fighters) and the cafeteria for A&S.

The fencers use both depending on the number of Heavies who show up and fight.

We have the site from 7-10 pm every Friday that the school is not closed or there isn't some school program happening.  Usually, if there's a program, we still have the cafeteria.   (note - the acoustics in the cafeteria suck) Activities really get going around 7:30pm.

OK - Directions.

Take your best route to Baltimore and the Baltimore Beltway (I-695). Take I-695 West/North around to exit #19 I-795 (also called the Northwest Expressway). Take I-795 all the way to it's end (about 12-15 miles - sorry - I don't remember the exact mileage) . As you near the end you will see signs for rte 140 & 30 Hanover/Reisterstown and signs for rte 140 Westminster. Get in the Left lane, staying to the right as it expands into 2 lanes again and follow the sign for 140/30 to HAnover/Reisterstown.  At the FIRST Light turn Right onto 140 East/North and follow it a couple blocks to the next light (a 3 way intersection w/ 2 gas stations, a Farm Store and a liquor, bait and tackle store). Turn Right - you're still following 140 at this point - onto 140/Main St. Head East on Main street (passing a Food Lion, a series of small shops and a Friendly's) to the next light. This should cover about 3-4 blocks. GO THROUGH the light - on your Right is the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company !
and just beyond that is the school.  There is ample parking at the school but if you need to unload anything heavy or lots of anything you can park temporarily at the front entrance (center of the circular drive) or we can bring things in via the back door.  Many steps are involved in using the front entrance but the back entrance only has a few.  Your choice.

If you have an ADC map book for Baltimore County you can find all this on page 26 I believe.  The closest Major intersection is Rte 140 and rte 30 (also called Main street and Hanover Pike) if you access a computer map program.  The school is on Main street between Cockeys Mill Road and Chatsworth. Chatsworth and Main is the intersection just before you get to the school heading East on 140/Main st.where the Vol. Fire house is.

** There is no phone at the school that we can access.  

If you miss the exit for I-795 DO NOT PANIC - just go to the next exit (#20 Reisterstown Road) and turn around and go back to I-795 -OR- Take Reisterstown Road North/West all the way to Reisterstown (a fair number of Lights and rush hour traffic but not too bad). Once in Reisterstown rte 140 narrows to a 2 lane street, meanders a little and the School will be on your left just past teh light at Cockeys Mill Road - which happens to be a small but sharp "dog leg" in the road.  

I will see who all will be there with cell phones and get you numbers just in case someone mighht need them if they get lost.


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