academie: Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday 5/19-20/00

Mack2357 at Mack2357 at
Tue May 2 20:34:18 PDT 2000

Saluti a L'Academie -
from Lady Julianna Fiorentini

I have a request to make of the Academy.  Hidden Mountain's Baronial Birthday 
and Investiture will be May 19-20-21.   I had planned to run the ball after 
feast.  However, I have just learned this very eve that it is Their Majesties 
wish that My Lord and I be the new Baron and Baroness of Hidden Mountain.  

Well, I want to dance at my Investiture.  I know the Academy has committed to 
a stop on the dance tour on that date.  I was wondering if there is anyone in 
the southern reaches of the kingdom that might be available to come and be in 
charge of dance?   (Hidden Mtn, for those who may not know, is eastern S.C. - 
the event is at Cheraw State Park, just below the N.C. line)

Crossing my fingers....

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