academie: PLEASE READ: Dancing in Bright Hills: 5/19

SCAVard at SCAVard at
Mon May 1 10:11:24 PDT 2000


Bright Hills lost their site for Garb Wars on 5/20, so the event was cancelled.  The fallout of this is that even though the weekend had been deconflicted on the Kingdom and Regional calendars, the whole Barony will be sitting around with nothing to do.

I talked with Baroness Ekaterina on Saturday, and suggested that perhaps we take advantage of their free weekend and have the Acadamie come in to teach some dancing -- assuming that the Barony was interested and that they could find a suitable site for us.

Ekaterina just emailed me, and asked if Friday (5/19) would work.  They have an entire school at their disposal, including several classrooms and a gynmasium, all of which we could use.  (They have fighter practice on this site, but use a different part of the building for that.)

The date would be 5/19.  The times would be roughly 7-10 pm.  The location is in Reistertown, MD (approx 15 mi NE of Baltimore).

I need to know if anyone is interested in supporting this.  I realize it's short notice and it's a weekday.  Can I get a head count, please?


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