aandswebadmin: Re: pbm.com mailing list memberships reminder

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sun May 2 11:10:26 PDT 2004

You know, there should be more to this list then just monthly reminders.
And why doesn't this get clumped with the Pennsic dance reminder?


At 07:02 AM 5/2/2004, you wrote:
 >This is a reminder, sent out once a month, about your pbm.com mailing
 >list memberships.  It includes your subscription info and how to use
 >it to change it or unsubscribe from a list.
 >You can visit the URLs to change your membership status or
 >configuration, including unsubscribing, setting digest-style delivery
 >or disabling delivery altogether (e.g., for a vacation), and so on.
 >In addition to the URL interfaces, you can also use email to make such
 >changes.  For more info, send a message to the '-request' address of
 >the list (for example, aandswebadmin-request at pbm.com) containing just
 >the word 'help' in the message body, and an email message will be sent
 >to you with instructions.
 >If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to
 >mailman-owner at www.pbm.com.  Thanks!
 >Passwords for nl33 at cornell.edu:
 >List                                     Password // URL
 >----                                     --------
 >aandswebadmin at pbm.com                    utoneh

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